Faculty Summer Reading Discussions

While our summer months are much more relaxed for faculty, staff, and administrators alike, they’re also an incredible period of reflection and evolution. This past spring, any faculty who wished to participate worked through a process of brainstorming, identifying, and selecting  our summer reading. As a community, we felt the following six titles would challenge us in both our reflection on the last year and our evolution for this next:

Each member of the educational community selected one of the six titles and spent the summer reviewing, processing, and reacting to the ideas and concepts in the book.

The first day faculty returned to campus featured a summer reading discussion in the Great Hall with over 80 in attendance. We participated in a modified version of a popular discussion format called World Cafe. We had the opportunity to discuss titles with colleagues who read the same text, and we also had shared ideas with mixed discussion groups. While the discussions occurred, table leaders wrote interesting ideas, pertinent questions, and relevant references to a digital transcript that we projected against two screens set up in the back of the Great Hall.


A small selection of the comments posted to the digital transcript for our book discussions.

Amid the busy-ness of school life, our book discussions helped us to reconnect with our colleagues question assumptions and reaffirm longstanding beliefs as we prepared for the busy-ness of school life. We hope to return to these ideas as we continue our study of how best to practice inquiry within our classrooms.

Sorry to have missed the discussions? We’ll be hosting a similar version of The World Cafe for our parent community on November 12. Look for more information about this event in the coming issues of The Friday Flash.


2 thoughts on “Faculty Summer Reading Discussions

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