Last Week in Links

The Impact Effort Matrix from

As a center for media resources, The Library constantly circulating materials that teachers might consider using in class. Here are just a few of the materials The Library has gathered and distributed throughout the learning community this past week.

Mr. Wilson’s Flipped Laboratory, and his synthesis of the Flipped Classroom and Inquiry Learning. This resource helps resolve some of the challenges we’ve worried about with the flipped classroom, as flipped learning can too often focus on earning, not learning. Wilson’s found a mash-up that maintains curiosity and growth even within the flipped environment.

Augmented Reality in Kindergarten: Aurasma is an amazing (and free) iPad application. In this blog post, a teacher describes how he had his kindergarten students use the app to create instructional videos that would help the incoming kindergarten class learn the rules of the classroom. There’s nothing better than students teaching and learning from other students.  

From Benford to Erdös: The second half of this RadioLab episode seemed particularly pertitent to a middle school math teacher looking to get his students intrigued in the biographies, ambitions and lives of mathematicians. Plus, it’s just one fantastic listen, if you haven’t heard it already. 

The Impact & Effort Matrix: The Library’s Co-Lab has softly opened with Friday’s visit from the Upper School Science Team. While you’ll hear even more about the Co-Lab’s role within the school and within learning as we move towards our mid-October official opening, we’re already hosting collaborative planning and working events. As Science Team develops catapults for their Fall Catapult Competition, they wanted to forefront learning group dynamics before they edged in on the first step of the project. The Impact & Effort Matrix was one of the games we played in order to decipher which tasks should be tackled by the group, and which ones should be tackled by individuals.

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