Virtual Conference: The Science of Thriving

In the early chapters of Paul Tough’s How Children Succeed, Tough mentions Character Strengths and Virtues, by Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman.  This tome, published in 2004, attempts to classify the positive psychological traits an individual might have. It also serves as a counter-weight to the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders.

Peterson and Seligman are primary protagonists in the increasingly popular field of positive psychology, one that the Annie Wright School learning community has investigated through the reporting of Paul Tough (in How Children Succeed) and the work of Carol Dweck (in Mindset).

From September 16 to September 21, a virtual conference called The Science of Thriving is being hosted by En*Theos, an company that promotes the tenants of positive psychology.

This conference will feature over 20 webinairs, including ones by Paul Tough and Carol Dweck, and many members of our faculty will gather to view these webinairs and brainstorm how we might apply the ideas to grow our work with kids.

For more information on the conference, please click here. Each webinair is free within 24 hours of the presentation, so take advantage of this opportunity to hear from some of the most exciting speakers in this field.

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