Last week featured the newest clients of the Co-Lab: our brand-new 3rd Grade Warriors Book Club.

You see, 3rd graders have been flying (FLYING!) through Erin Hunter’s Warriors series. Unfamiliar with these Warriors? Here’s the quick dish:

Four clans of feral cats live in a forest. Each clan holds territory and a distinct set of customs, although all clans have a warrior code. Like any organized group (of cats living in a forest), there are conflicts among clans over resources and allegiances, and battles that ensue.

The series is super popular, incredibly fun, but also serious about friendship and family. What’s even better? It has our third grade talking so much about books. One third grader, Nico, was so inspired by the conversations he’s had about the books, he asked his mom if he could start a book club.

And so they did. While I didn’t get to participate in the first session, I was amazed by how seriously they considered each other’s opinions, and how excited they were to continue on with their sessions in the coming months.

This is just one of several awesome initiatives arising from our C0-Lab. Nico’s mother was fantastic in helping arrange and facilitate what is predominantly a kid-driven effort. What’s more empowering for these kids than seeing their ideas and passions take form into action?

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