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Read-a-Gator Daily Update: March 28

New to Read-a-Gator, check out our launch post to learn more about this reading challenge and to learn how to submit your reading minutes each day!


There we have it! First and second grades are officially on the board for the 1,000 minute mark! While they’re rocketing ahead with their Read-a-Gator Meter, they should also be aware: no party-in-a-box will be ziplined to their grade without the overall goal of 160,000 minutes met. So, let’s hope those two grades help rouse up the other classes in this communal challenge.

Daily Updates will take a brief hiatus over the weekend, but we’ll post a quick update on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week.

Happy Reading!

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New to Read-a-Gator? Want to submit your reading minutes? Click here for our launch post.

After a thrilling debut of Read-a-Gator during yesterday afternoon’s K-5 Chapel, we’re ready to report on the first day’s progress of this year’s reading challenge.

Here’s your daily shot of the Read-a-Gator bulletin board.

ImageYou’ll notice that there’s not much action on the board, but that doesn’t mean the numbers aren’t robust. In one short evening, we’ve amassed 1706 minutes of reading.

While every grade seems focused on winning the Party-in-a-Box, let’s hope each grade doesn’t forget that they can’t reach 160,000 minutes without the help of the entire school. How will they support each other?

And how many minutes do we still need before hitting that 160,000 minute goal?

Read-a-Gator continues…

Read-a-Gator Daily Update: March 27

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Announcing: ReadaGator!

Each and every year, our young Day School readers rally together in an event that promotes, provokes, and motivates close, intensive reading of the many wonderful works we have in our classroom and library collections.

This year’s event is…


Here’s how ReadaGator works:

From March 26-April 11th, Kindergarten through 5 Grade are challenged to read 160,000 minutes. If Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth manage to reach this goal, Mrs. Ball will spend an entire school day all dressed up as CHOMP, the Annie Wright Schools Mascot (Mrs. Ball–Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer. I promise to have ice water on hand for you throughout the day!).

And if that’s not enough to delight and motivate our readers, how about this spectacular incentive:

IF we reach 160,000 minutes, the class that contributes the most minutes of reading to this overall goal will see CHOMP climb to the top of Annie Wright Schools, attach a Party-in-a-Box to a zipline, and send that Party-in-a-Box zipping down to that class.

How awesome is that? Incredibly awesome. Indubitably awesome.

As K-5 makes progress, you’ll see a bulletin board outside of the Library & Learning Commons that will show the progress towards our goal! We’ll also post periodic updates on the blog to show our progress, as well!

Parents and teachers: you’ll want to track reading time in your individual classrooms and for your individual students. I’ve set up this nifty Google Form for you to fill out for your child’s or student’s progress (alternatively, click here to jump to the form)

Thanks for helping track progress of ReadaGator. If you have any questions or comments, please do send along an e-mail to: joe_romano(at)!