Second Grade Summer Reading Recommendations

Marty McGuire Digs Worms, by Kate Messner and Brian Floca (illus.)

Marty and her fellow third graders are given a challenge: complete a project that saves the earth. In this first book of a chapbook series, Marty overcomes several obstacles as she develops a plan to turn food waste into fertilizer.

Odd Duck, by Cecil Castelluci & Sara Varon (illus.)

Theodora is a fairly normal duck, especially compared to Chad. Chad dyes his feathers odd colors and has several strange habits. Can Theorod and Chad possibly be good friends?

The Cloud Spinner, by Michael Catchpool and Alison Jay (illus.)

A boy holds the special power of weaving garments from the clouds. When a king demands an overabundance of cloaks and gowns, the boy must draw too much material from the sky, and the entire world begins to change around him.

Sophie’s Squash, by Pat Zietlow Miller and Anne Willsdorf (illus.)

When Sophie brings a squash home from the farmer’s market, she doesn’t let the vegetable be cooked. Instead, she names her squash Bernice and hauls her new friend everywhere, despite her parents’ warnings that the squash will soon rot.

Young Zeus, by G. Brian Karas

Zeus wasn’t always the god of gods. Young Zeus chronicles the adventures he experiences and characters he encounters during this young god’s awkward teenage years.

Other Recommendations:

Carnivores, by Aaron Reynolds

Zita the Spacegirl: Far From Home, by Ben Hatke

The Adventures of South Pole Pig, by Chris Kurtz

The Clue of the Left-Handed Envelope, by George E. Stanley

Magic Pickle, by Scott Morse

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