Third Grade Summer Reading Recommendations


Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining, by Anne Mazer

Abby Hayes is a young girl with several incredibly talented siblings. While she feels rather average and insignificant compared to her family, Abby sets out to master soccer and encounters frustrations, setbacks, and successes along the way.

The DragonSlayers, by Bruce Coville

In search of revenge against the king, Grizelda creates a fiercesome dragon. Princess Wilhelmina, a young girl with the ambitions of slaying a dragon, disguises herself as a man and sets off on a quest to fight the beast.

The No. 1 Car Spotter, by Atinuke and Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Ouwalase Babatunde Benson can spot cars before anyone else in his village can. He is also quite good at solving problems. This book tells several stories  of how this boy uses his ingenuity to overcome several challenges for his village.

Binky the Space Cat, by Ashley Spires

Everyone else things Binky is a regular old house cat. Binky, however, believes he is a space cat who has never left the family’s spaceship. In the first of a graphic novel series, Binky takes on the mission of going on his first space walk to discover what exactly exists in the outer universe.

 The Field Guide, by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black (illus.)

Three siblings move into an old house and find a mysterious field guide in the attic. This field guide shows them a parallel world rampant with faeries, goblins, magic and danger. This work serves as the first of the renowned series, The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Other Recommendations:

Fake Mustache, by Tom Angleberger

Look Up! Bird-watching in Your Own Backyard, by Annette LeBlanc Cate

Liar and Spy, by Rebecca Stead

Greek Mythology: The Ken Jennings’ Junior Genius Guide #1, by Ken Jennings and Mike Lowry (illus.)

The Storm, by Cynthia Rylant and Preston McDaniels

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