The Week in Library: 2!

The bustle! Our favorite moments in the Learning Commons arrive when there’s a cacophony meetings, classes, and independent workers sharing the space all at once. Stop by the library between 2:30 and 4:00, and you’ll likely see several Upper School activities sharing the many breakout spaces in the library, staff meetings for our Extended Day program, 4th graders participating in their Guided Reading program, parents and grandparents awaiting the day’s release, and several others wandering through for reading materials or library resources. These moments really showcase the flexibility and design features we engineered into the space in the summer of 2014, shifting the library into a ‘modern learning environment.’

Which is all to say that we’re settling into the normal pace of school life in the library. Despite the bustle described above, the library still serves for sanctuary for many of our students during certain parts of the school day, and each new school year brings a new corps of patrons who opt to use the library for study hall, a recess alternative, or for meeting space. It’s been wonderful to see a corps of 4th graders gather in the library to draw during recess, instead of the 4th graders of last year who made great use of the 3D printer during their daily breaks.

Among other events, classes, and happenings, this week’s library featured the first ever visit from Preschool, who showed exceptional library manners (even shushing the librarian during his read-aloud). We also hosted our 10th grade English class as they scoured the shelves for independent reading materials. I book talked several of our most renowned selections, while offering resources to help them find and select book titles, such as BookRiot, YourNextRead, and GoodReads.

Here are several recommendations, including my favorite podcast episode that I tuned into this past week!


Kalpa Imperial, by Angelica Gorodischer

Click here for to access our digital edition


The Orchid Thief, by Susan Orlean


Image borrowed from 99% Invisible’s landing page for Episode 180. Photo taken by Håkan Dahlström.

99% Invisible: Episode 180: The History of the Refrigerated Shipping Container


Dead End in Norvelt, by Jack Gantos


Volcano Rising, by Elizabeth Rusch and Susan Swan (illus.)


Quest, by Aaron Becker

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